Have you heard the Big News?! I am now a Fashion Influencer for!! That’s right! Yours truly!! This has been a huge goal of mine since I started this fashion journey. I haven’t been this pumped about something in a long time. That sounds bad lol. Yes I was pumped about my wedding and the birth of my boys!! But this kind of pumped, was a “I put my mind to it, worked hard, and I did it for me, myself, and I!!” kind of pumped!! Feel me?!?

I can hear some of you now - “So that’s awesome Rachel, but what is” That’s ok, let me explain. So is an easy way to shop the looks you love on social media, most likely instagram. All you need to do is sign up and become a registered user (it’s free!!). Then all you have to do is screenshot my instagram posts and you’ll receive an email from, on my behalf, with all the product links of my outfit in those posts. Super easy!!


There are two ways to shop. And shopping is as easy as 1....2....3:
1. Download the App and log in
2. Go to Instagram and screenshot one of my photos that you love.
3. Open the App and find my posts under the heart icon. Then shop the looks you love by selecting the pictures of the item you love. It will send you directly to the site of the store that I got it from so you can purchase these items. All that’s left is check out.

Or if you don’t do apps
1. Go to and click sign up in the top corner.
2. Register with your information. It’s easy and free.
3. Then go to Instagram and screenshot one of my photos that you love. Within 5 minutes you will receive an email that contains all of the links to my outfits from that post. Open the email and click on the pictures of the items you want and it will send you directly to the site of the store that I got it from. Lastly, just check out.

(If all else fails, message me and I will send you a direct link!And you can ALWAYS shop directly here on my Blog under my 'Shop' tab.)


Be sure you follow my account: You can also shop all of your favorite blogger’s posts as well. Just search them by their Instagram handles. I’d be doing us all a disservice if I didn’t say it, but please use our links. We spend lots of time putting together outfits and links, so the small reward (directly from the program not from you) that we get from our links being used is just nice to receive. It also lets us know what you like so we can post more of those items!!

liketkit is great because it saves you time and gives great ideas for outfits for all occasions!! It’s the newest way to shop on social media!! Stayed tuned for my great outfits from me!!
Let me know what you’d like to see me post. Also, if you have any questions or concerns, just let me know!
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