I have been putting off writing this first post because I wanted my first message to you ladies to be on some perfect topic or some epic sale so I could really win you over and impress you; but the more I thought about it, I figured I should just go ahead and break the ice and then we can start really getting to know each other!!!

I guess I’ll start with my ‘Why.’ I am a busy God fearing mom of two boys, wife and full time career woman. I have a lot on my plate already, but something was missing. I wanted something that was just mine! A hobby, an interest, Something! I’ve always loved fashion, beauty, and decor. I started following some blogs and quickly realized I’d love doing what they do! I love to write (and I could talk all day), I love keeping up with fashion and trends, and I love helping people. Boom! Here we are!!


Ladies and Gems- It’s a play on ‘Ladies and Gens’ but let’s face it, most guys will steer clear of this page! But really I wanted to pick something that could represent us as women and how much we ‘treasure’ those amazing finds!! If you’re anything like me, I love sharing when I found an amazing lipstick, some fabulous shoes, or just a great deal!! That’s exactly what you will find here!! So let’s do this!