Ashley, from The Ash in Fashion blog, and I have teamed up to bring you our monthly Target Top 10 picks. Each month there will be a new theme of 10 items from Target that are new and exciting AND picked by US for YOU!!!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Recently, I lost my Aunt Mari, who I loved dearly, to this disease. This cause is near and dear to Ash as well from her teaching days. It was one of her Drill Team's philanthropies.  So We wanted to dedicate this post to those fighting,  those who are survivors, and those lost, especially My Aunt, who are missed miserably. The whole month of October is the month of pink! You see pink on sports fields, in stores, at restaurants, it’s everywhere.

We’ve all seen Mean Girls, we all know they wear pink on Wednesdays!! They probably would have shopped at Target too. We decided we wanted to do our part and make sure you have some amazing pink options in case you want to participate by wearing PINK!! All of the items we selected have two things in common: they are pink and from Target.

Here  are our Top 10 Target Picks for October:

Breast Cancer is still taking too many lives of those we love. Wearing Pink is a good way to show that you support the research efforts for finding a cure. There are other ways to help as well, get involved with local groups in your area, spend time with those who are fighting the fight, and/or donate in honor of a loved one to a help fund the search. (Donate here)

My Godson showing support for his grandmother, my aunt.
My Godson showing support for his grandmother, my aunt.