So Caboodles have been around pretty much as long as I have been (Mid 80's Kid here!!) Do you even know how The Caboodle even was created?? Well let me tell you. Back in 1986, Vanna White, the wheel of fortune co-host, was photographed with a tackle box to organize her makeup. I mean a tackle box?! We all know those aren’t cute! But that sparked a great idea and one year later 'The Caboodle' was launched for the girl on the go to organize her beauty needs!




I know I had one back in the 90's. I may have stored Polly Pockets and hair ties in it but I remember loving it. So when I came across this Caboodle at Target, my heart melted. It was an answer to my makeup prayers. I have been looking for a makeup kit that wasn’t too expensive to store everything thing in! Another thing I love about this beauty box, is it's easy to clean. Who has time to wipe down those hard to reach corners in those stain magnet makeup bags. NOT Me!! So a quick wet wipe through the Caboodle and the mess is gone.

What’s inside my Caboodle these days:

What are some trends from the past you wouldn’t mind see come comeback?
Let me know in the comments below. Hope everyone has a great day!!