So I’m a girl from The South. Texas as a matter of fact. Where there are plenty of Big Cities. Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio to name a few. But in between those ‘Big Cities,” there are many small towns and then, there are even smaller towns. I am currently located in my small town of Temple.
The thing about small towns though, are there aren’t too many options when it comes to shopping. That can be rough on a girl that is trying to stay trendy. I’ll tell you my 4 ways I survive my small town fashion woes!!

First off, I thank the retail heavens that we have a Target. Target is my go to for ANY and EVERY thing. The great thing about Target is they are always up to date on all the trends, and they usually aren’t that expensive. This is really my only in person option; so any last minute needs are taking care of by good ol Targét! There are always ways to save: shop the clearance, check out cartwheel deals, and use your Target Red Card for 5% savings. The brands that they carry are really great. Across the board, I buy clothing, home decor, beauty supplies, etc. I mean even Joanna Gaines Magnolia’s line is there. And hello, there’s a Starbucks and a bargain isle!!

Here are a few things I am loving at Target right now.

Secondly , I am an amazed with what you can get in two days with Amazon Prime – almost anything!! I definitely always check the reviews and stick to Prime only options. But if I have a few days or not in a rush for something, I always check out the Amazon selections. There are so many designer or designer inspired options. You can get clothing, accessories, home decor, technology gadgets, you name it they have it!! The return policy is great as well.

Here are my amazon picks I’m putting in my cart now!

The third thing I rely heavily on is my Nordstrom Trunk Club. This is Nordstrom’s monthly clothing subscription box. All the brands available online and in store are available to the trunk club. You receive a personal stylist when signing up. I talk to my girl all the time. She really listens to and gets me!! I send pictures of things I love for inspiration. This is also a safe space for me to try things I normally feel are out of my comfort zone. The best part of this subscription club is that they send you a preview of your box and you can veto the things that are definite NO and don’t feel like you wasted time. So if I have a big event I know about in advance, my stylist definitely helps me find the best options!! If you are interested in signing up, here is the link: click here.

My most recent keeps from my trunk club boxes.

Last but not least, I always try to shop local boutiques. Here I’m able to find some great treasures that are more unique than big box stores! Don’t get me wrong I love those options (see above) but sometimes it’s nice knowing only a handful of people may have my same outfit!! Boutique shopping is hit or miss with limited sizing and can be expensive, but the ones around here typically have good loyalty rewards and a solid sale rack!! It’s nice knowing that I’m helping out local business lady bosses!!

Here are a couple of boutiques purchases from the ones I frequent.

Well that’s my homegrown shopping strategies here in Small-town, TX. Let me know where you find your fun finds!! I’d be interested in checking out new ideas. You Gems have a great day!! See you all soon!!

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