Autumn has arrived (or at least it should be on its way here to Texas) and one of this year’s Style Trends you don’t want to miss is - Animal Print!!! Don’t worry, you don’t have to get too “wild” (lol see what I did there!!) with it. Just mix in different patterns here and there and you’ll look like a pro!!
You might be wondering what are some of the seasons top prints, don’t worry I gotcha covered:
  1. Leopard- it's totally a neutral. It pairs perfectly with a stripe print or a bright color. Or wear it alone as a bold piece.
  2. Snake- is a bit edgy and a bit sophisticated. Wear it and be confident.
  3. Tiger- it’s a playful print that can be easily overpowering. Wear it as an accent piece to avoid the 80's vibe!!
  4. Zebra- can turn a monotone outfit to a fun fearless look.
  5. Cheetah- yes it’s different from leopard, but can be worn in a similar way.
Start small. By adding accessories, such as belts, shoes, scarves, etc., you’ll become more comfortable in the exotic prints. Choose your printed accessories then match it with an outfit of solid colors. Incorporating too many printed piece can easily be distracting (in a bad way) so stick to one animal print piece at a time. A neutral outfit is easy to achieve with basic neutral tones and either a leopard or zebra scarf or belt. If it’s a more fun look your looking for, throw on a snake skin clutch or a leopard bootie with a jewel-tone outfit.
Last but not least, these wild prints draw attention no matter how you wear them, so make sure you pick the right prints for you!! These prints come in different sizes and colors. Small prints typically look great on everyone, while larger prints can sometimes be more difficult to pull off.

Woaaaaah!!! I almost forgot - The MOST important thing- HAVE FUN!!!!!

Here are a few items I am currently loving!!! Check them out:

I’d love to hear how you’re wearing these pieces and any other fall trend your working into your wardrobe!! Drop a pic in the comments below. Have a great weekend!!!

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